Greene County Fire Rescue

Greene County Fire and Rescue (GCFR)

The Greene County Board of Commissioners is proud to support fire protection services afforded throughout Greene County. The fire departments provide citizens with property and life-saving services during critical emergencies. 

Greene County contracts with the cities of Greensboro, Union Point, Siloam, and Woodville to provide fire protection services to unincorporated areas outside of these cities. There are also four private, non-profit fire departments operating in Greene County through contract with the County including the Greshamville Fire Department, Liberty Fire Department, Walker Church Fire Department, and the White Plains Fire Department. These eight fire departments are 100% volunteer departments. Approximately 120 volunteers are affiliated with the eight volunteer stations. 

The County itself operates two fire stations known as Greene County Fire Rescue Station 9 and Station 10. Greene County Fire Rescue operates as a “combination” fire department having both paid and volunteer personnel. These two stations are funded by a tax district comprised of the properties located within the primary fire service area, which is primarily Reynolds Lake Oconee, Reynolds Landing, Del Webb, Lake Oconee Village, and surrounding areas. 

The County has already approved the addition of GCFR Stations 11, 12, and 13 that will provide paid coverage to supplement the volunteer stations throughout Greene County. GCFR Station 11 will be located in Greensboro at the Public Safety Annex, GCFR Station 12 will be housed in the Emergency Services Facility located on State Route 77, and GCFR Station 13 will be housed in the Emergency Services Facility located on the Richland Connector. 

GCFR currently has three full-time Captain positions working traditional firefighter schedules (24hrs on/48hrs off), 35 part-time paid firefighters, and several volunteers. GCFR stations 9 & 10 maintain staffing of at least two firefighters at each station at all times to provide 24-hour coverage seven days a week. 

GCFR Stations 11, 12, & 13 will add two full-time firefighters staffed at each station working traditional career firefighter schedules with 24/7 coverage. This additional staffing represents 18 full-time equivalents providing fire and emergency services to Greene County.

All of the fire departments operating in Greene County have a proven history of working together to deliver high quality emergency services. These fire departments will respond anywhere necessary to provide service to Greene County citizens while also providing assistance to surrounding counties through reciprocal mutual aid agreements. Greene County is proud to support these dedicated professionals in their commitment to deliver critical emergency services.

Access a listing of each fire department along with the insurance rating for that fire district and their contact information.