Notice of Special Election

City of Greensboro Special Election

Notice is hereby given that a Special Election for the City of Greensboro, Georgia, will be held on November 8, 2022 for the office of:

  • City Council (to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Tony Rowland)

Qualified Candidates for the City of Greensboro Special Election are:

  • M. Jeff Lister
  • Angela D. Davis
  • Jontavious Smith
  • Peter White

Last Day to Register to Vote in the November 8, 2022 Election

The last day for residents of the city to register and be eligible to vote in the city election will be October 11, 2022 as per O.C.G.A $ 21-2-224(b)(2).

The first day to issue Absentee Ballots by Mail 

October 11, 2022 per O.C.G.A $21-2-384(a)(s) 

The first day to vote Advanced In-Person for the November Special Election

October 17, 2022 per O.C.G.A. $21-2-385 (d)(1)

Read about Advance Voting-In-Person

Read about In-Person Voting on Election Day

Run-Off Election

If a run-off election is needed, the date will be December 6, 2022.