Martial Arts

Program Overview

Martial arts instruction is offered at the Greene County Recreation gym by instructor Bobby Bailey.  Bobby holds a Black Belt in Okinawan Japanese Karate.

Instruction for participants age 4 and up.

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Classes are held on Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Program Fee

There is a $45 per month cost, along with uniform and testing.

Okinawan Japanese Karate

Seidokan is a traditional Okinawan fighting art that includes the kicking, punching, and blocking techniques of karate; the throwing and joint – locking technique of Aiki- jujutsu; and the traditional weaponry of Okinawa. It is most unusual art requiring open minded students with a desire to develop strength, flexibility, and dexterity.

More Information

Phone: 706-486-2251