Check the Status of an Absentee Ballot

Where to Check the Status of an Absentee Ballot

The Georgia Secretary of State's Office maintains a database, by county, of all Absentee Ballots mailed and received along with their status.

Instructions for Checking the Status of an Absentee Ballot

The process for checking the status of an Absentee Ballot is somewhat cumbersome and their are certain things you need to know to make the process easier to navigate.  Please read through ALL the instructions and graphics on this webpage before attempting to complete the process.  

What Information is Needed for the Drop-down Boxes?

Election Year2024
Election CategorySTATE WIDE
Election Name
ZIP file
Greene County File066.xlsx

Step-by-Step Process of Navigating the Secretary of State's Website for Absentee Ballot Information

DISCLAIMER:  The screenshots included are from a Windows Based Desktop.  Your computer may look and operate different.  This is a best-effort representation.  

Step 1:  Step 1

Step 2:Step 2

Step 3:

Step 3Step 4:

Step 4A