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Curbside Trash Service

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    You must complete a separate form for each request.  

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  3. Is there a cart currently on site?*
  4. Was the cart placed at the appropriate location curbside the night before the scheduled pick-up?*

    Carts must have been placed outside the night before curbside pick-up is scheduled.  Trucks will not return to a completed route for a missed pick-up if the cart was not at the curb on time. 

    To keep the rates affordable, all trucks are equipped with cameras and footage is obtained before a missed pick up is rescheduled.  

  5. Select the reason(s) a replacement cart is needed. (You may select more than one option.)*
  6. Please place the cart on the curb the night before your scheduled pick-up day and the cart will be emptied.  No further action is required on your part.  Curbside trash service is billed on your annual property taxes so there is no need to set-up a separate account.  

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