Residential Trash Collection Guidelines

  • All waste must fit in the cart with lid closed. 
  • Carts are the property of Waste Management and must not be painted, abused, or mutilated; please do not place hot ashes in your cart.
  • Carts should be rinsed out periodically to help maintain sanitary conditions.
  • No motor oil can be placed in the cart. Please call your local landfill, service station, or auto parts store for proper disposal.
  • No paint cans containing liquid paint can be placed in the cart
  • Only household garbage can be placed in the cart. Household garbage includes most waste generated on a daily basis.
  • Pickups occur once per week.
  • Place your cart curbside the NIGHT BEFORE your collection day.
  • Proper placement of cart is important as automated collection trucks are used to pick up and empty carts.
  • Styrofoam packing material or any light items that can easily blow away should be placed in a bag before placing in the carts to eliminate littering.
  • Trash must be bagged and tied to reduce litter.
  • Vehicle parts, tires, construction debris and hazardous waste are all unacceptable material and cannot be placed in the cart.

Cart Placement

The front of the cart (where the lid opens) should face the street and should be placed within 2 feet of curb or pavement. The cart should be at least 5 feet from any obstacle (mailbox, bush, tree, etc.).