Required Documentation

The items listed in the following instructions are necessary to process a Rezoning, Conditional Use, or Special Use Permit application. In order to ensure fair and equal treatment to all concerned, all applications must be complete. If not complete, the application cannot be accepted by the Zoning Administration Division for processing.

Any amendment to an application must be submitted to the Zoning Administration Division for staff review prior to the Planning Commission hearing.

Application Form

Eight copies of the appropriate Application Form must be submitted.

Application Fee

See attached Fee Schedules (PDF). Acceptable payment methods are: cash, check, credit card. Checks should be made payable to Greene County.

Legal Description

The legal description must be a "metes and bounds" description. It must establish a point of beginning and from the point of beginning give each dimension bounding the property, calling the directions (such as north, northeasterly, southerly, etc.) which the boundary follows around the property returning to the point of beginning. If there are multiple property owners, all properties must be combined into one legal description. If the properties are not contiguous, a separate application and legal description must be submitted for each property. For request for multiple zoning districts, a separate application and legal description must be submitted for each district requested.

Boundary Survey

Eight copies of a boundary survey to scale for the subject property, displaying all metes and bounds. This is not necessary if the site plan includes this information.

Site Plan

Eight copies of a site plan to scale (except rezoning applications request). This site plan must show (as applicable):

  • Driveways and parking spaces
  • Existing and proposed building locations
  • Existing and proposed streets (paving and right-of-way)
  • Floodplain
  • Gross and net acreage
  • Required or proposed setbacks and buffers
  • Additional exhibits as may be required

Letter of Intent

Eight copies of a letter of intent. The letter of intent must give details of the proposed use of the property and should include at least the following information (as applicable):

  • A statement regarding the purposed use of the property
  • The acreage or size of the tract
  • The zoning classification requested
  • The number of lots or number of dwelling units proposed and house size proposed
  • The density in terms of gross square footage per acre for proposed commercial, industrial, office or institutional use
  • The number of parking spaces
  • The height of buildings
  • Any requested change in buffers

Notarized Signatures

The application form must have notarized signatures of both the property owner(s) and the applicant(s), and an attachment if multiple owners are involved.

Conflict of Interest Certification Form

This form must be signed, notarized and submitted with the required information.

Proof of Paid Property Taxes

The applicant must provide proof that current property taxes have been paid on the land proposed for rezoning, conditional use or special use permit.

Additional Exhibits (if Required)

Building code compliance for conversion of residential structures to a commercial use.

  • When a conditional use or non-residential rezoning for conversion of an existing one-family or two-family residential structure is requested, the applicant must apply for a Building Compliance Inspection from the Building and Zoning office.
  • The Building Compliance Inspection must be requested at the same time the rezoning or conditional use application is filed. If a Building Compliance Inspection has been completed in the past, the applicant may submit a letter showing compliance for that use from the Building and Zoning office. If a Building Compliance Inspection is not completed, the rezoning or conditional use application will be held and may be subject to administrative withdrawal. If the application is administratively withdrawn, the rezoning and/or conditional use permit application fees will be refunded.
  • When the inspection is complete, the Building and Zoning office will issue a new Certificate of Occupancy to the structure.

Traffic Studies

A traffic study is required for a Rezoning, Conditional Use or Special Use Permit proposal which meets any of the following criteria:

  • Office proposals in excess of 9,999 gross square feet
  • Commercial proposals in excess of 9,999 gross square feet
  • Industrial proposals which would employ over 250 persons
  • Multi-family residential proposals in excess of 100 units

Developments of Regional Impact

If the proposed development meets any of the following thresholds, regional review as a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) must be completed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA). The DRI review will be initiated by the Building and Zoning office staff. The Threshold Table appears on the following pages, and is keyed to 2040 UGPM categories. For information regarding the DRI process or assistance interpreting the DRI Threshold Table, please contact the Building and Zoning office at 706-453-3333.