Occupational Tax Certificate / Local "Business License"

Occupational Tax Certificate for a New Business

When applying for an Occupational Tax Certificate for the first time (similar to a Business License), please download, fill out, and submit ALL THREE forms. You will also need to present a secure and verifiable document.  If your business is required to be licensed by the State of Georgia, a copy of a current license must be included with your application.  Read more about businesses that need a state license.  A Georgia Sales and Use Tax number is required to complete the application. You can apply for a Georgia Sales and Use Tax number through the Georgia Department of Revenue's website. 

Renewal of Occupational Tax Certificate

A renewal packet will be mailed out in November.  If you have not received it by December, please contact our office as all licenses expire on December 31.  

If you are applying for renewal and are a U.S. citizen, you will not have to fill out the Save Affidavit again.  However, a completed, signed and notarized Private Employer Affidavit must still be returned.

If you have any questions, please browse the links to review the Greene County Code of Ordinances chapter on Business Licenses. For your convenience, a link to the State of Georgia’s Licensing page is also provided.

Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act

  • Attorney General of Georgia
    The Attorney General maintains up-to-date copies of the following:
    • 2014 Secure and Verifiable Document List
    • Private Employer Affidavit
    • States Compliant with the Immigration Verification Requirement
  • E-Verify Information
    To complete the Occupational Tax Certificate Affidavit, this link could be helpful in obtaining an E-Verify number, if you do not already have one.


Annual Fee

  • $75 - Businesses with 10 or less employees
  • $100 - More than 10 employees

Expired License Fees 

  • 10% of fee - Penalty
  • 1.5% per month - Interest on delinquent licenses 

Forms - Complete and Submit all Four Forms