Businesses that Need a State License

Businesses that Need Proof of Licensing to be Issued an Occupational Tax Certificate

If your business is any of the types listed, a copy of your State License issued by either The Department of Agriculture, Department of Health Services, Secretary of State, or Georgia Bright from the Start is required to be issued an Occupational Tax Certificate in Greene County.  (An effort has been made to include all of the licenses; however, this list may not be all inclusive.)  

Secretary of State

A copy of your state license must be submitted for all professional businesses such as:

  • Professionals - Accountants, Architects, Attorneys, Auctioneers, Barbers, Chiropractors, Cosmetologist, Dentist, Electrical Contractors, Embalmers, Engineers, Exterminators, Foresters, Funeral Directors, General Contractors, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors, Land Surveyors, Low Voltage Contractors, Massage Therapist, Nurses, Plumbing Contractors, Nail Technicians, Physical Therapist, Professional Counselors, Psychologist, Real Estate Brokers, Social Workers, Insurance Agents/Brokers and Veterinarians, etc. 
  • State Shop Licenses - Nail Salons, Barber Shops, Hair/Beauty Salons, Metal Recycling/ Scrap Metal , Auto Brokers and Used Car Dealers.

Department of Health

  • Tattoo and Piercing Establishments
  • Hotels, Motels and Campgrounds
  • Food Services - Restaurants
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Home Health Care
  • Mobile Food Service
  • Catering

Department of Agriculture

  • Convenience Stores / Gas Station - Food Sales
  • Pest Control (Structural)
  • Meat and Fish Markets
  • Package Stores (stores that sell prepackaged foods, such as chips, etc.)
  • Food Warehouses (for all businesses that deal with pre-packaged foods)
  • Cottage Food
  • Pet Dealers - Anyone who sells, offers to sell, exchanges or offers for adoption dogs, cats, fish, reptiles or other animals customarily obtained as pets in the State of Georgia.  Dog breeders require a pet dealer's license if they sell more than one litter in any twelve (12) month period or over 30 adult dogs in a 12-month period.  
  • Bird Dealers - Any person engaged in the business of dealing, purchasing breeding, or offering for sale, whether at wholesale or retail, any exotic birds, pet birds, or birds customarily kept as pets. 
  • Kennels - Any establishment, other than an animal shelter, where dogs or cats are maintained for boarding, holding, training, or similar purposes for a fee or compensation. 
  • Animal Shelters - Any facility operated by or under contract for the State, a County, or municipal corporation, or any other political subdivision of the State for the purpose of impounding or harboring seized, stray, homeless abandoned, or unwanted dogs, cats and other animals; any veterinary hospital or clinic operated by a veterinarian or veterinarians which operates for such purpose in addition to its customary purposes; and any facility operated, owned, or maintained by a duly incorporated humane society, animal welfare society, or other nonprofit organization for the purpose of providing for and promoting the welfare, protection, and humane treatment of animals. 
  • Stables - The Animal Protection Act requires all stables that charge a fee for boarding, holding, training, breeding, riding, pulling vehicles, or similar purposes to be licensed. 
  • Live Plant Sales / Dealers
  • Organic Agriculture Producer
  • Livestock & Poultry Sales / Farmers
  • Feed Manufacturer

Georgia Bright From the Start

  • Day Care / Child Care - A copy must be submitted for all child care businesses.  Home care providers with six or more children are required to register with the State.  Persons providing child care and day care facilities should contact the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.